8 Types of Videos You Need to Start Recording for Your Business

There are so many different types of videos that you can create and cater to your profession. The ideas are honestly endless. Check out these 8 types of videos your business needs to start recording today!

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Personal Video Messages

A personalized video message is our top pick for sending video emails. You want to use your recipient's name in the video to capture their attention and peak their interest right off the bat. This video needs to be catered to your recipient. It could be a welcome message or a follow-up.

Answer FAQ’s in videos 

If your website has an FAQ section, you might want to consider creating videos for these questions and answers. It’ll be much easier for your website visitors to retain and remember this information. 

If you get an email about a question that is already on your website, simply respond to their email with the video. 

A huge advantage of having FAQ videos on your website is that people will be spending more time on your website, which will ultimately boost your search engine rankings. 

Video Testimonials 

Testimonials establish credibility. It gives potential customers the chance to see and hear the experiences that your past customers have had while working with you. Video testimonials are authentic and unbiased. It shows your potential customers why they should choose you over anyone else.

Product Review Videos

Product reviews are when your customer talks about your product and what they think of it. This makes for great user-generated content that you can share across all your platforms. 

Product reviews can also act as a learning opportunity for you. It helps you understand what people love about your product and can also give you ideas for future improvements. Creating product review videos will help your customers see the authenticity in your reviews. 

Video Demonstrations  

If you are selling a product, take the time to create a video demonstration for people to see how they can get the most use out of it. Videos Demonstrations can show someone using the product, and they can also highlight key benefits and features.

These videos make for great marketing content because they don’t explicitly feel as though someone is selling to them. 

How-To Videos 

A very common search term is “how to.” How- to videos teach people how to do something. Your business can teach customers how to use your product or service. 

Products are much easier to showcase because there is something physically involved. For a how-to video for your service, you could opt for a
screen recording. This will allow you to walk your customers through an entire process. 

Behind the Scenes Videos

Behind the scenes videos engage your audience on a whole other level. They can be very personal, and they give your customers an inside look into your organization. BTS videos help with relationship building because they make your videos more relatable and give your audience the ability to connect with you. 


Everyone loves Bloopers. They are so fun and natural. Best of all, they show off your human side! Everyone makes mistakes, and that's okay. Just laugh it off and keep going.

These videos can be placed everywhere! Upload them to your website, share them on social media, and even send video mails!

Our platform provides you with a website embed code, which gives you the ability to record inside Cheers Connect and share your videos on your website.

Your videos can also be shared by people within your organization. If a sales rep needs to explain a product or service they can easily reference a demo or how-to video. 

Video ensures that your communications remain consistent. Everyone receives the same message that is clear and easy to understand. 

Happy recording!